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Drive with us.

Driving for Expedited Leasing and Services is a great way for Drivers to work with a professional organization. Click below to receive more information about your future career!

Local Delivery/Courier driving

Expedited Leasing and Services is seeking professional, quality focused drivers for same-day LOCAL deliveries. Being contracted with A. Blair Enterprises, one of the Nation’s top nationwide expedited trucking companies, you will be given a solid and stable presence with an industry leader with 30 plus years of experience and expertise in logistics planning.

All drivers must have the following in order to apply:

A clean background and meet TSA regulatory guidelines. 
A valid driver's license (Valid for a minimum of 3 years as of the application date)
All candidates must be reliable, dependable, flexible, and most importantly they must be professional.
All candidates must have a clean driving record for 3 years and must have never received a DUI
All candidates must pay close attention to detail.
Must be able to lift 50 pounds

Please note: All drivers must receive an interview prior to being invited to orientation. Local Driving opportunities are extremely limited. To find out if we have one available please contact our recruiter at 502-339-8648.

Name *
Phone *
Please list the zip code for your current residential address
Start Date Availability *
Start Date Availability
Do you have a working 4G Smart Phone? *
Are you at least 21 years of age? *
Have you had any accidents or traffic tickets in the past 3 years? *
Have you ever been convicted of DUI? *
Have you had a valid Driver's License for 3 years? *
Have you ever had your License suspended or revoked? *
Are you able to lift 50 pounds? *
Please read the following statements and select the best option. *
Please read the following statements and select the best option.
I am comfortable handling customer service communications.
I am good at managing my time.
I have strong attention to detail.
I am good at following procedures and making sure things are done correctly.
I work well under pressure.
I understand that due to the fact that this contracted position is security sensitive, all drivers are required to pass a Drug Screen as well as receive a Federal Background Check. *
Please select one of the following options:

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